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Ampoules Related Questions

How much are your ampoules?

Price stated on our website is for per vial / bottle (2ml each). Please visit Our Shop for the pricing of each product.

Is there any minimum order for the ampoules?

(FOR POSTAGE) You need to buy in multiples of tens, for example 10, 20, 30, 40, 50.

(FOR SELF COLLECTION and COURIER) You need to buy in multiples of twelves, for example 12, 24, 36.

How to use the ampoule?

Steps for Basic Facial : Cleanse > Scrub > Toner > Ampoule > Moisturizer
Steps for Mask Facial : Cleanse > Scrub > Ampoule > Soft Mask > Toner > Moisturizer
Steps for Makeup : Cleanse > Toner > Ampoule > Sunblock > Makeup

After applying the ampoule, let it absorb in first.

Those using it for makeup, normally the MUA will be applying it for you. Else, you can apply it 15 mins earlier before her arrival (on a cleansed face).

How to store the ampoules?

Opened Ampoules

Store un-used ampoules covering the opening (eg, with tissue) and put in fridge/cool area.
Ampoules to be use within 24 hrs after opening (eg, 1/2 vial tonight, 1/2 vial tomorrow morning).

Unopened Ampoules

All unopened ampoules are 3 years expiry as we replenished our ampoules frequently. You can store it in a dry cool place. If you like it cold on application, you can store in the fridge.

Ampoules are extremely fragile item, please take extra care during transportation (especially flying overseas).

What are the benefits of ampoules?

Ampoules have a lot of benefits:
– Makeup lasts longer as it is helpful in controlling sebum and makes the face looks less oily.
– Skin feels very soft and hydrated after application.
– Ability to be used as a cure on its own or in conjunction with other products.
– Easily pass through the skin and gives the skin radiance due to the high bio-curative skin care concentrates.
– It also strengthens the skin resulting in lesser acne, black heads and tightens pores.
– Regulates the skin giving it extra moisture, bringing color to life skin and strengthens weak tissues.

Which are the best ampoules?

Normally people will ask… Which are the best ampoules?

Well, different ampoules will benefit different kinds of skin, there is no best ampoule but we have our favourite! Not in order : <<Made in Germany>> Hydro, Lifting, Caviar, Stemcell, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Youth. Lifting ampoule is a good makeup base ampoule.

Which ampoule to choose for makeup?

For Wedding / Bridal / Photoshoot / ROM / Daily Use

Lifting is a good makeup base ampoule which is frequently use by makeup artists since long time ago. It is also a very good skin care ampoule.

Makeup Base – same as above, use underneath makeup to have a lasting effect. Its a new type of ampoule used by makeup artists.


Those going to Taiwan, you can choose 8 Lifting, Makeup Base and 4 Hydro. Normally, MUAs in Taiwan will use about 2-3 on BTB and GTB face, and 2-3 on body of BTB (based on feedbacks from customers). If the photoshot spans over a few days, please make neccessary adjustment per makeup.

Singapore and Other Countries

For the others, 1-2 Lifting / makeup base ampoule per makeup will be good enough (unless stated otherwise by your MUA).

Question: What is the difference between Lifting and Makeup Base ampoules?
Both of them works about the same way, it can be applied beneath makeup. If your makeup artist insisted on using the ampoule which has “MAKEUP BASE” printed on the glass vial. You can get this. If not, you can use LIFTING.

Are our ampoules effective?

Please check out more here.


Purchase Related Questions

What are the payment modes?

Currently, we only accept payment via ibanking in Singapore.

For international customers, you can pay by paypal/credit card with a 5% fee.


We reserve the rights to make any amendments w/o prior notice.
No cancellation / refund policy.
Other terms and conditions may apply.
Do note that 1 type of thing may not suit all, buy at your own discretion.


Delivery Related Questions

Delivery Type: Courier & Self Collection

Makeup Ampoules

Self Collect

If you are going to self-collect, we will advise you on the collection address once the order is successful. Self collection is in Bishan / Sembawang depending on the day and time.


Courier charges are prepaid during cart checkout. The price will be auto-calculated during cart checkout.

Please note that self collection / courier packaging box might differ from the boxes we use for postage. Please do not buy if you mind about this.

There is a minimum of 12 ampoules for self collection & courier, additional orders to be in multiples of twelves. 
Eg, 12, 24, 36, 48

Delivery Type: Postage


For Postage, we will take extra care in wrapping up your parcel which will be suitable for postage.
However, we will not be liable for any loss of mail / damages / delay through postage. We do post out the mail within 2-3 working days after we received the payment and most of our customers received the parcels within 3-4 working days thereafter. Please look out for it. Thanks.

Postage Rates includes hard cardboard packaging. (breakage minimised to nearly 10% with packaging)
$1.50 for 10 vials
$3.00 for 20 vials
$4.50 for 30 vials
and so on …

There might be some chances of breakage through postage.
Since 2010, total 16 vials are reported broken (in 7 different parcels via postage).

Note: No Registered Mail

Please note that there may be some difference in the packaging box for postage.

There is a minimum of 10 ampoules for postage, additional orders to be in multiples of tens. 
Eg, 10, 20, 30, 40


Account Related Questions

How to register an account?

New Customers, you can register for an account here

Returning customers, please sign in to buy.