BA Phyto Stem Cell (Best Range)


BA Phyto Stem Cell (Best Range)

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This is an extremely good anti-aging ampoule. It not only prevents wrinkles, it also prevents premature aging process. Phyto Stem Cell re-activate skin cells that has been damaged by the bad effects of the skin aging process, sun exposure and UV rays, and other external factors.

This new ingredient is supposed to protect skin stem cells and slow the senescense of follicles. Tests are conducted that the ingredients boosts production of human stem cells and protects the cell from stress and decreases wrinkles.

1. Protects & nourishes skin stem cells, accelerates skin cell renewal & reveals newer, more youthful skin.
2. Reduces fine lines & wrinkles with instant effect, improves skin texture.
3. Boosts up collagen by 130%, and restores skin elasticity.
4. Controls the activation of melanin, results in whitening & spots diminishing.
5. Protects skin cells against UV damages.
6. Improves skin firmness as well as shapes up face contour.

Use widely by salons for IPL and Derma-Roller Facial.

Can be use twice weekly.

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