BA Makeup Base


BA Makeup Base

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Suitable for applying before bridal makeup / photoshoot

*MAKEUP BASE is printed on the glass vial* ~ Limited Stocks

(Application directly beneath make-up improves the make-up’s hold, making the skin appear particularly radiant)

Makeup base ampoule helps increases skin resilience and elasticity (Lifting effect). It also helps in reducing the depth of expression lines and wrinkles. Acting as a humectant, it aids in retaining moisture in skin, decreasing dryness. 

Suitable For: All skin type especially non-radiant and tired dull skin

Recommended usage : before any makeup

Question: What is the difference between Lifting and Makeup Base ampoules?
Both of them works about the same way, it can be applied beneath makeup. If your makeup artist insisted on using the ampoule which has “MAKEUP BASE” printed on the glass vial. You can get this. If not, you can use LIFTING.

Please also see Hydro / Collagen / Hyaluronic Acid (for application before photoshoot / actual day).

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