DIY Hair Treatment Cap

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High Quality DIY Treatment Heating Cap
Are you looking into doing your own treatment at home?

This heating cap’s benefits include scalp blood circulation and detoxication. The heat is evenly spread out for better circulation during treatment.

You can now apply your favourite hair treatment mask / oil and put the heating cap in the comfort of your home. It is as easy as ABC.
The mask / treatment is absorbed faster in higher temperature, hence the smoother and healthier the hair would be.

1. Wash your hair, towel your hair dry (about 70%).
2. Apply your hair treatment mask / oil.
3. Put on heating cap
4. On the device and adjust the heat to your desired temperature (normally around 6-7)
5. Wait for 20mins, you can use your computer / read while waiting.
6. Remove the heating cap, wait a while for the hair to cool down.
(this is to protect the hair)
7. Wash the treatment mask off your hair.

If overheated, it will automatically shut down once it reaches abt 65 degree..
If it is under abt 40 degree, it will auto-heatup itself again.
Do not use it near “water” areas (eg, bathtub).
Switch off the power plug when usage is completed.
There is 10 adjustable temperature settings for this Heating Cap.
Not those types of on and off treatment cap.

On Pre-Order, will order upon payment.
Dimension : 24cm * 16.5cm
Wire Length : about 1.5m
Postage = $2.50

– Made in China